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Places To Run In Central Houston

Inside the 610 Loop? Checkout these places to run!

Written by: RJ's Fitness Solutions; LLC

Post Updated: March 31, 2019

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Sometimes running the same ole’ route or jogging on a treadmill can get monotonous. This blog will give you ten places in the heart of Houston that you can branch out and go for a run. Remember to adhere to safe outdoor running practices and enjoy the times of day that provide for the best weather opportunities. 

Key for Distance Section:

Sprint Distance- 1 mile or less

Mid-Distance- Good for 5k training
Long Distance- 10K+ routes

Rice University Jog Trail

Urban Running Gear

3) Buffalo Bayou Trail
Location: 1600-1622 Allen Pkwy Houston, TX 77019
Parking: Limited; paid parking is available; some free parking is available on the weekends
Length: Long Distance
Description: This long run will take you along Buffalo Bayou with great views of Downtown Houston. There are bike paths as well as trails that branch off closer to the bayou where bikes are not allowed. Be cautious after a big rain because flooding is typical along Allen Parkway.
Nearby Eats & Attractions: The Federal Grill, The Spaghetti Western, The Dunlavy, The Cistern, Eleanor Tinsley Park, Downtown Houston

H-Town Runner

Houston Mural Run
10 Places To Run In Central Houston

6) Spotts Park
3519 Willia St. Houston, TX 77007
Spring Distance
Spotts Park offers paths with lengths that can help you with your quarter mile sprint pace. The park also has the added benefit of a steep hill and staircase for you to work on your elevation training.
Nearby Eats & Attractions:
Patrenella’s, El Tiempo, Buffalo Bayou, Downtown Houston

7) Brays Bayou Greenway Trail
Location: Hermann Park 6100 Hermann Park Dr. Houston, TX 77030 or MacGregor Park 4463-4599 S MacGregor Way Houston, TX 77021
Limited at peak times and during special events
Long Distance
: The Brays Bayou Greenway Trail provides a link between Hermann and MacGregor Park. There is limited shade and it is a long trail so be prepared especially during the hot and humid months in Houston. (Which sometimes feels like every month)
Nearby Eats & Attractions:
Ray’s Real Pit BBQ Shack, Houston Zoo, University of Houston

8) Stude Park
Location: 1031 Stude St. Houston, TX 77007
Parking: Limited during high traffic times
Length: Sprint Distance to Long Distance
Description: Stude Park is a community park located between I10 and I45 in Houston. Stude Park has trails that can be used for short distance sprints or you can link up to others trails of White Oak Park and Hogg Park to extend the length of your run. If you are looking for a long run then check our Heights Bike Trail and White Oak Bayou Trail for a lengthy training session, but beware to share the road with cyclists.
Nearby Eats & Attractions: Barnaby’s Cafe, Onion Creek Cafe, Downtown Aquarium

4) Baldwin Park
Location: 1702 Elgin St. Houston, TX 77004
Sprint Distance
Baldwin Park is a small community park near Midtown in Houston. Although it does not accommodate lengthy runs it is a location with beautiful old trees to provide shade for sprint and circuit training.
Nearby Eats & Attractions:
Canopy, Snooze, The Breakfast Klub, Downtown Houston

5) Purple Trail Memorial Trail Head

Location: 6501 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77007
Parking: Abundant parking near softball fields on North Picnic Lane and at the running center.
Length: Mid-Distance
Description: Taking one of the many trails at Memorial Park Conservancy can make your feel like your not right smack in the middle of the bustling city. The trails are frequented by mountain bikers and hikers so be aware during your run. The purple trail makes for a longer easier run but you can always add in smaller more difficult trails like the blue trail to power up your run.
Nearby Eats & Attractions: Liberty Kitchen, Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, The Galleria

9) Paul Carr Jogging Trail
1922-1998 Heights Blvd Houston, TX 77008
Paul Carr Jogging Trail is a local park trail in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. The path is well shaded and there are interesting works of art that tend to pop up along the route.
Nearby Eats & Attractions:
Down House, Crisp, Opera in the Heights

10) Menil Park
Location: 1417 Sul Ross St. Houston, TX 77006
Limited during peak times
This Montrose neighborhood is filled with large live oak trees and beautiful architecture. This is not a marked trail so much as a route you can blaze on your own. Take Sul Ross Street past the Menil to the University of Saint Thomas (go around or through campus) then loop back down Branard Street.
Nearby Eats & Attractions:
The Hobbit Cafe, The Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, University of Saint Thomas

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1) Memorial Loop
Location: 6501 Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77007
Parking: Many around the loop but paid sections have been put in.
Length: Mid-Distance
Description: Memorial Park loop is a popular walk/run path inside the 610 loop in Houston Texas. There are no bikes allowed on the path so you can enjoy the run without fear of cyclist traffic. There are spots without shade so plan your run accordingly.
Nearby Eats & Attractions: Candelaris Pizzeria, Benjy’s, Memorial Park Golf Course

2) Rice University Jogging Trail
 Location: Around the campus of Rice University; 6100 Main St. Houston, TX 77005
Parking: Limited parking; paid parking is available
Length: Mid-Distance
Description: The Rice University jogging trail is a shaded walk/run only path that loops around the border of the campus. This a popular trail that can help you get motivated with others trying to achieve their fitness goals.

Nearby Eats & Attractions: Hungry’s, Picnic, James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany, Museum District